Power Filter for Home Theatre NEW TECHNOLOGY
Home theatre/Automation
Commercial audio/visual
Corporate multi media
Computer based systems
Switch Mode power supplies
Made in Australia
Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface
Ensures each device in a Home Theatre System is individually supplied with controlled pure power.
A fully Featured Professional Power Interface for Home Theatre Technology
  • Eliminate power crosstalk with six separately filtered and isolated outlets
  • Protect attached equipment by safely sequencing power on and off under user control
  • Stop costly, polluting and wasteful standby power with one convenient switch

SPI240AU6 requires Australian IEC lead
Best Performance when used
with our Shielded IEC Leads
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Modern electronics uses Switch Mode power supplies with interconnected power leads
High voltage non-isolated switching circuits in these supplies generate EMI (noise) on their mains input.
With 2-pin mains plugs there is no earth to suppress this noise and its case cannot be grounded.
So EMI noise can go only one way - down the mains supply lead to interfere with adjacent power leads.
Today's home theatre appliances are sophisticated and sensitive devices which require controlled power. Six way sequenced power switch on and off avoids equipment damage and performance degradation."
Hidden cause of many Home Theatre Performance Issues
Reflected Local Interference - Power Crosstalk - degrades equipment performance
Noise Filter for Audio Visual Today’s Home Theatre and HiFi systems demand purity and integrity of the mains electricity that powers them. Theatre installations use mixed digital and analogue devices. These often use switch mode power supplies with 2 pin leads or plugpacks, with no earth connection. Unearthed switch mode power supplies are notoriously noisy and reflect interference back down their own supply leads to their power outlet. Interference from adjacent, non-isolated power outlets – Power Crosstalk - is the most common cause of poor system performance. Only proper power interfacing, with every outlet isolated from each other, will allow modern electronic products to perform to their designed specification. Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface is specifically designed to achieve this.
User adjustable Sequenced Power Supply - Timing is Everything
Instantaneous switching on and off of Audio and Home Theatre equipment powered together by a multi outlet power board can cause serious performance issues. The most obvious are the "plops" and "hisses" in speakers from signal sources switched on after power amplifiers. Consequently it is important to turn on source equipment like Pre-amps, Processors, DSPs etc. in a controlled way before signal target devices like amplifiers and video screens. Less obvious is the in rush currents to power amplifiers, video screens etc. stressing power supply equipment when full system demand is instantaneous. This sequence must then be reversed upon system power down. Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface provides this important feature with each of the six outlets sequenced a minimum 2 seconds apart. This time delay, e.g. amps on last - off first, is user adjustable.
Zero Crossing Mains Switching for Soft Power on/off of Appliances
Noise Filter for entertainment Soft start power supply to Audio Visual equipment has many benefits and is acheived by software controlled zero crossing mains switching. The precision cross over point shown in the red trace even allows for relay pull in and release delay. The blue trace is the relay power off command and the mains power (red trace)is removed after the exact delay. There is negligable inrush current to attached equipment at switch on and no relay contact arcing at switch off. Consequently the Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface does not emit radiated interference throughout the room during switching operations.
Save power = Save money = Save Green House with One Touch operation
Noise Filter for Audio Visual Standby power consumption in electronic equipment can be considerable over time costing up to 10%-15% of electricity bills. Big power items like Plasma Screens and Audio Amps are well known consumers. This wasteful consumption of power in standby mode is avoided by the timed power down mode of the Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface with the push of a single button. Now it is easy to reduce your carbon footprint, save money and responsibly interface power your Home Theatre system.
Power Filter for PRO AV Supplying Audio and Home Theatre equipment from a single filter, multiple outlet power board allows interference from one attached appliance to reflect back down its power lead into the others. There is no protection from this internal self generated noise. With 8 EMI filters Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface double filters each outlet separately. Reflected local interference is filtered on re-entry and again before reaching adjacent outlets. Input supply filtering uses Multi Mode suppression to address all origins of noise.
Power Filter for HI FI
Stylish anodised aluminium case.
Convenient IEC mains supply socket.
Complements existing equipment cases.
Throughbred Sequenced Power Interface - Filter for Home Theatre

Multi mode transients suppression.
Easily mixes leads and plug packs.
Quality components and assembly.
Power Filter for HI FI
Safely sequence power on and off.
Protect sensitive theatre components.
Automatic or user controlled time delay.
Power Filter for Video Projectors

Six double filtered power outlets.
Active and neutral breaker protection.
On/off switch with red indicator light.
Critically tested by Audio Visual Consultants - all report a clear improvement
Power Filter for Audiophile Power Filter for Audio Amplifier Electrical Authority Approval # V06721
C-Tick Mark Approval # N15569
Designed to AS/NZS 3105:2002
Tested to AS/NZS 3760:2003
Model # TSPI-240AU6
Power Filter for Plasma Screens External spikes and surges - a Better Way The use of gas plasma arrestors and metal oxide varistors (MOVs) is the best known way to quench destructive transients. However they must be combined with an EMI filter in a hybrid configuration to be fully effective. Protection needs to be Common Mode (both lines to ground) as well as Normal Mode (active to neutral) because both types occur often in mains power. Failure to provide both types is common in budget power boards. Many also use discrete filter components that may not be metal shielded and so radiate some of their filtered EMI. The Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface uses 2 separate, earthed, metal clad input filters with 2 plasma arrestors and 2 MOVs in a hybrid connection to suppress spikes and surges at power entry.This design achieves optimum filter performance.
Locally designed and built for the Australian power grid
Power Filter for LCD Screens Electromagnetic Interference - Double Filtered. Modern systems are a combination of components like PCs, DVD, surround sound, display screen etc... These are usually powered from a multiple outlet power board which may contain rudimentary input filtering. However the modern switch mode power supplies in each of these devices can reflect interference back down their own power cord, into the power board and then be injected into adjacent power leads. The Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface provides a filter stage for each of its 6 outlets to trap this reflected noise on re-entry. This interference is filtered again by the output filters of the other 5 outlets. Consequently EMI, both external (from the mains supply) or internal (from local equipment connected to adjacent power outlets), is double filtered for unprecedented attenuation so necessary for today's equipment.
Used by professional Installers and Integrators of Home Theatre systems
Power Filter for Valve Amplifiers Power Filter for Home Entertainment Faraday Cage - Contain Interference. Famous Physicist Sir Michael Faraday discovered that shield barriers must be used to suppress electromagnetic radiation. Without them radiated noise is readily induced into nearby power leads. So a Faraday Cage, where the devices are mounted in a metal case with minimum openings for cable entry etc..., is mandatory. Unlike common plastic enclosures the Thoroughbred ® Sequenced Power Interface is enclosed within a 2mm thick, earthed Aluminium casing to suppress radiated noise.

“Pure power can only be achieved by the professional use of a combination of measures. For each that is missing, the sum of the remainder is greatly diminished. and performance compromised”
Another professional product from the 30 year design experience of Boolean Engineering Pty. Ltd.

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