Power Filter for Home Theatre NEW TECHNOLOGY
Shielding from mains radiated noise
Audiophile grade IEC power lead
Shielding from induced mains noise
Heavy duty power conductor
Custom lengths available
Made in Australia
Thoroughbred ® Shielded Power Cables
Ensure each device in a Home Theatre System is individually supplied with pure mains power.


Audiophile grade Shielded Mains IEC lead

Australian Standard Power Protection Cables




Today Home Theatre and HiFi systems demand purity and integrity of the mains electricity that powers them. Theatre equipment often uses switch mode power supplies with 2 pin leads or plugpacks, with no earth connection. Unearthed switch mode power supplies are notoriously noisy and reflect interference back down their own supply leads. Interference from unshielded power leads radiates to adjacent supply leads and nearby signal cables.

RFI and EMI radiated noise is the most common cause of poor system performance. Only proper power cabling, with every appliance lead shielded, will allow modern electronic products to perform to their designed specification. These ? Power Protection Cables are specifically designed to achieve this.


Experienced consultants report that professionally engineered cables like these Power Protection Cables will typically result in a cleaner sound and more accurate transients, which in turn gives a tighter bass, better 3-dimensional presence and stereo definition. Audio reproduction is a fuller, more natural sound with less distortion and video resolution is sharper, clearer and fully featured. A simple upgrade to allow professional performance to home theatre system specification at a realistic price.

Standard leads are 1.5 metres long at $168.00.
e.g. 3 metre lead $192.00; all plus GST.

  • We Design and Manufacture Professional Electronic equipment
  • Trusted supplier to Gov. and Pro Audio Visual industry for 30 years
  • Buy Direct from Australian Manufacturer, no retail margins.


Tested to AS/NZS 3760:2003

     Cable Specifications

  • Continental style Flexible mains Cable
  • Conductor area: 1mm2 with 32 strands of 0.2mm.
  • Inner cores: Annealed Copper
  • Core Insulation Material: Colour coded PVC
  • Inner Insulation Material: Grey PVC
  • Outer Shield Material: Galvanised Steel braid
  • Outer Sheath: Transparent PVC
  • Nominal outside Diameter: 9.8mm.


A few months ago I purchased 5 sets of IEC mains leads from your company and I wish to let you know how bowled over I am with them.

I had been fortunate to be allowed to try several mains cables at home to see if they were a viable alternative to the standard cables supplied with the equipment.
Among these were a couple of Nordost cables including Magus and the Thor, plus a couple more at around $1000 for 1.5 metre lengths.
I found the Magus to make a small improvement only, and the others even less of a difference...I didn not purchase any as the value did not seem to be there.

After my experience with the other cables, some over 6 times the price, I was not really expecting much.
I plugged them in, switched on and decided to play a burn in CD for several days in case the cables required a long burn in.
However, impatience got the better of me and after about 40 minutes I started playing some music CDs.

WOW...could not believe how good these cables were. They even improved over several days to the point my system now sounds much more musical and enjoyable.

Do not want to get into too many hi-fi terms but everything just got bigger ( deeper, wider and taller ) and the sound was now room filling.
More precise imaging with a sweeter treble and more powerful bass. There was not one area that was not better.
Now, I am skeptical about peoples claims for different products and if I believed that something made no difference or was worse, I would not hesitate to say so.

The cables just provided a certain synergy in my system and may not work as well in another system , or perhaps they may even be better.
What I suggest is to replace all the mains cables with the same type as I did ( even Nordost recommend this ). When you get this loom you will reap the benefits.

My gear is a Rega Planar 3 (SRM tech mods). Garrot p77 cartridge, Cayin CD17t Cd player, Parasound halo P3 pre-amp and Xindak 200 watt mono blocs ( up to 50 watt in class A) all joined with Audioquest King Cobra interconnects. I also use a PurePower 1050i power regenerator.
Speaker cable ( 1.5 metres a side ) is currently QED 77 strand which may be changed later but still offers good performance and great value for money.

Once again , thanks Robin and congratulations on a great product.

“Pure power can only be achieved by the professional use of a combination of measures. For each that is missing, the sum of the remainder is greatly diminished. and performance compromised”
Another professional product from the 30 year design experience of Boolean Engineering Pty. Ltd.

Copyright 8 2007 Boolean Engineering Pty. Ltd.